TUF-WEAR Water Punch Bags Just In!


Tuf-Wear have just released their very own water punch bags at nearly a third of the cost of other competitors!

Today we've just taken delivery of the first batch of the new Tuf-Wear Water Punch bags and we've been giving these a thorough testing as we just can't believe these bags are nearly a third of the cost of other market competitors.

What we've found with these bags are they are extremely robust and secure which is essential for a punch bag just filled with water that will be used upto 7 days a week in a gym environment.

With the Tuf-Wear Water Punch Bag you get;

  • x1 hanging rope
  • x1 D-shackle
  • x2 Hose accessories should you with to use the garden hose way

*Hanging Chains can be added for an additional £19.99

They are available in 3 sizes;

12" £64.99

16" £104.99

20" £134.99

What we've found is the best way to fill these is with luke warm water as the heat from the water helps the thick rubber mould take its fullest shape rather than cold water which can leave them slightly distorted in shape, not entirely round.

What's different with these water bags is also the seal which is an approx 2 inch long plug you use to plug the filling hole once filled.

Other market competitors use the screw cap seal which with these we were dubious about the plug having no teeth to hold the plug in but as you can see from the videos in our separate post titled 'Tuf-Wear Water Punch Bag Product Test' the seal is water tight under the most extreme circumstances!

We recommend you fill these bags to 1-2 inches below the outer plug.

Buy here > https://www.spennymoorsports.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=tuf+wear+water+punch


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